How do GP’s ramp up to treat orphans in just ONE Day?

EXCLUSIVE full-day PRACTICAL webinar with secret how to’s….

Learn How To

  • Communicate with ALL types of Children 
    • The most anxious patients
    • Patients with extreme sensitivity to pain and discomfort
    • Handicapped, Autistic, ADHD Patients
    • Utilize updated strategies to manage pain and anxiety among children
  • Examine a child.  What’s important!!
    • Gathering medical history and informed consent documentation
  • Pediatric treatment planning
  • Pain-free freezing – tips & tricks you won’t learn anywhere else
  • Early childhood caries diagnosis and treatment
    • “Grazing” caries what to ask and how to explain the caries process to parents
  • Analyze current prevention methods SDF, fluoride, xylitol, sealants
  • Learn how to prepare teeth for pulpotomy and stainless steel crowns in 10 minutes or less
  • Prepare teeth for pulpotomy
  • Stainless Steel Crowns
    • Prepare and restore stainless steel crowns
  • Aesthetic Crowns
    • Prepare and adapt teeth for aesthetic crowns
  • Evaluate and treat traumatic injuries in the primary and mixed dentition
  • Pediatric oral pathology
  • Joys of dental volunteering and how to get involved